Veterans Memorial Banner Program

The Town of Shelburne Introduces Veterans Memorial Banner Program for 2022

The Town of Shelburne is joining nearby municipalities in offering a program to commemorate local veterans in a respectful and vibrant way. As such, the Town is proud to introduce the Veterans Memorial Banner Program this year. This program allows families and friends of veterans to have these heroes honoured with a full colour banner that will be displayed along King Street for the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day.
The Veterans Memorial Banner Program has been a true success in dozens of communities across Canada and Shelburne is proud to join in the spirit of remembering our veterans in this unique way. For 2022, there will be only 15 banner spots in the Town of Shelburne as we introduce the program, ensuring a high-quality process and results. If there are more than 15 applications received in the set timeframe (see below), applications will be selecting randomly. We do anticipate this year’s program to be positively embraced by the community and will likely add more locations in future years for those not selected this year.
For those families interested in this program, please note the following:
• Banners will be placed on light standards along King Street near the Cenotaph.
• The banner size is 24”x 36”, double sided.
• The veteran’s name, photo (if available) and service details will be displayed on the banner, along with the families’ name (if requested).
• The Town of Shelburne will store the banners and reinstall them up annually for three consecutive years then return the banners to the families before December 2024.
• The cost for the banners will be $300.00 including all taxes. Any remaining funds will be donated to the Legion.
• Applications can be found online at or at the Town Office between 9am-2pm. Applications will be accepted until 2 pm on Tuesday August 2nd, 2022.
• Selected applications will receive notice by the end of that day and will need to submit pertinent information and make payment by no later than Monday, August 8th, 2022, to meet production timelines.
For more information on the Veterans Memorial Banner Program, including photos and testimonials from other communities, visit
If you have any questions regarding the program, feel free to contact Executive Coordinator Robin Smith at or (902) 875-2991 ext. 8.


Guild Hall Summer Arts Series 2022


2022/23 Low Income Property Tax Exemption

The Town of Shelburne has adopted a property tax exemption for low income earners. For more information on this program, please pick up a copy of the Low Income Property Tax Exemption Policy at the Town Office or view the policy on our website at
The 2022/23 Low Income Property Tax Exemption will provide a graduated tax relief ranging from $100.00 to $400.00 to qualifying tax payers with household incomes $34,500 or less.
The graduated tax relief is as follows:
Total household income of $23,000 or less will qualify for a rebate up to $400.00
Total household income of $23,001 to $28,750 will qualify for a rebate up to $200.00
Total household income of $28,751 to $34,500 will qualify for a rebate up to $100.00
Applicants must complete the application, provide a copy of their 2021 Income Tax Notice(s) of Assessment and return all documentation to the Town Office no later than November 30, 2022.
For more information, please contact the Town Office at (902) 875-2991 ext. 1.

Expression of Interest- PID#s- 80149412, 80149420 and 801494378


29 JUNE 2022                                                                           FILE NUMBER 2023-9412/9420/9438

Following the requirements of the Council Disposal of Surplus Property Policy of 2019 (Policy), the Town of Shelburne (Town) is moving forward with disposing of surplus property in a fair, legally compliant and impartial manner, which takes into account the highest financial return to the Town, balanced with economic and community development opportunities. The Town has determined it has not identified any long-term use for this property (see Policy 1.a) ).

Through this Call for Expression of Interest method (see Policy 3.a) ) the Town is asking interested parties to submit sealed submissions for the purchase of the properties of PIDs 80149412, 80149420 and 80149438 altogether (as a parcel) plus the unopened 60-foot wide roads in-between (see map below). The Town requires the parcel to be utilized for housing development with a minimum of 12 units, for the approximate 5.28-acres of land. Per the Land Use By-Law, this parcel is presently zoned Residential Mobile (R-M) therefore purchaser would have to apply for any desired zoning changes, per Section 210 of the Municipal Government Act of Nova Scotia (MGA).


The parcel will be awarded to the highest bidder and requires the purchaser to sign a buy-back contract, agree to submit their plans to the Town for housing development within 120 days of signing as well as complete the building of said development within 36 months of signing. The minimum bid is set at $49,000. Applicable taxes and transfer fees will be additional costs and at the expense of the purchaser. The Town will cover the cost of the survey but not the migration (registry) or rezoning (if requested). The unopened Morris Street on the north side of a portion of this parcel may be made available for purchase by any abutting property owners, at a future date.

Section A: Responses

Interested parties are requested to submit their responses to this EOI in writing to the following address:

                               Town of Shelburne

                               Attention: Office of the CAO

                               168 Water Street, PO Box 670

                               Shelburne, NS

                               B0T 1W0

Please indicate File No. 2023-9412/9420/9438 on all correspondence.

Section B: Responses Requested by

As this may be the only invitation to submit an Expression of Interest to purchase this property, interested parties need to provide responses by noon AT, July 22, 2022. Any response received after this date will not be considered.

Section C: Security Deposit and Remaining Payment

Submissions require a minimum payment of five thousand ($5,000) dollars and if you are the successful bidder, the remaining payment is due within twenty (20) business days. If not received within that timeline, the next highest bidder will be awarded the property and will be allotted 20 business days to submit the remaining payment.

Section D: Additional Information

For more information, please contact Sherry Doane, CAO, by phone at (902) 875-2991 x5 or by email to:

Note that this is a Call for Expression of Interest. The Town will not necessarily post any future ads related to this request.