The purpose of this document is to define an acceptable level of service and written procedures and priorities for snow removal and ice control for streets and sidewalks in the Town of Shelburne. It is recognized that the level of service may be affected by factors including – but not limited to – equipment breakdowns, extreme weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.


It is the responsibility of the Town of Shelburne Public Works Department to provide snow removal and ice control for streets, sidewalks and public parking lots within the Town of Shelburne as well as the parking lots of Town facilities and Town-owned tenant-occupied buildings. For storms which last unusually long or result in an unusual accumulation of snow, local contractors may be called in to supplement Public Works operations.

The Town shall not take any responsibility for removing snow from private driveways nor any entrance to driveways, including snow deposited there as a result of snow removal operations. The Town is not responsible for any private structure or property damage because such is located so close to the sidewalk or the Town's right-of-way that it interferes with the clearing process.

General Service Standards

The Town will ensure that snow removal and ice control services are provided at a reasonable level of service for a reasonable and affordable cost.

The Public Works Supervisor is responsible for monitoring the condition of the streets to see if snow removal operations are required; accumulated amounts of two inches or less snow will not be plowed or removed from the roads except under special circumstances.

Plowing, salting/sanding, etc. will not normally take place between 4:30 PM and 6:00 AM. Exceptions will be in emergency situations such as medical, electrical, fire, police, accident, etc. when the Public Works Department will provide aid in the emergency. Exceptions may also occur when accumulated amounts of snow make it more sensible to remove snow during those hours.

Minimum salt/sand amounts will generally be applied only after the snow has been removed. Only selected areas which create undue hazard or difficulty such as intersections or hills where slippery conditions exist will be salted/sanded. Unusually slippery conditions or circumstances such as freezing precipitation or a melt/freeze environment may require a broader application of salt or sand at the discretion of the Public Works Supervisor.

Snow Removal Priorities

With over 30 kilometres of roads from which to remove snow and control ice the Public Works Department has to assign priorities for winter maintenance route activity in order to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts for public safety.

The primary routes which carry large volumes of traffic, serve as major traffic flows between principal areas of traffic generation, connect major routes to other jurisdictions, and serve as emergency routes to the hospital, fire and other emergency services will normally be cleared first:

  • King Street
  • Water Street
  • Hammond Street from George Street to South Street
  • George Street from Clements Street to Dock Street
  • Ohio Road and Falls Lane
  • Harriet Street from King Street to Transvaal Street
  • Transvaal Street from Harriet Street to Water Street
  • Clements Street from George Street to Prince Street
  • Prince Street from Clements Street to Hammond Street
  • Dock Street
  • Ann Street from Dock Street to Water Street

In the interest of maximizing the efficiency of snow removal operations, some secondary routes may be cleared in the process of clearing these primary routes at the discretion of the Public Works Supervisor.

In addition to these routes, the Fire Hall main entrance, bay doors and SVFD Parking will be considered a top priority.

Secondary routes which provide local service, carry less traffic will be done following the primary routes. In addition Public Works will clear:

  • Sidewalks
  • Shelburne Marine Terminal

Public parking areas and the parking lots of Town facilities, and Town-owned tenant-occupied buildings, will be maintained by Public Works and ploughed as the third priority.


Reasonable efforts will be made to maintain sidewalks for comfortable and safe walking. Plowing of sidewalks shall generally be started only after a storm has abated. Sidewalks shall not be plowed if blustering or drifting conditions exist. Sidewalks will be salted/sanded after plowing as required due to slippery conditions. Generally, the sidewalks on main thoroughfares will be completed before starting side streets.

Fire Hydrants / Lift Stations

Whenever snow begins to accumulate to levels where access to fire hydrants or lift stations becomes difficult or they are buried entirely, they will be shovelled out. This normally occurs once clean-up after a storm has been completed.

Pinegrove Cemetery

The Town will not normally plow snow or salt/sand roads associated with the cemetery. However, in the event, a burial is required at the cemetery, and reasonable notice is provided by the management of a funeral home, Town resources will be applied to open up the necessary cemetery roads in order to accommodate the preparation of a gravesite in order that a funeral can proceed.

Snow Disposal

There are two locations within the Town of Shelburne where snow is taken for disposal after removal. They are as follows:

  1. Vacant Town-owned lot at Shelburne Marine Terminal
  2. Grovestine’s Recreation Complex